7 Mother’s Day Ideas To Enjoy The Day With Mom

My First LoveHello, fellow Moms! 🙂 Mother’s Day is coming up in May, and if you’re like me, there’s a chance you have no ideas what to get your Mom or what to do for her on her special day. Right? Here are a few Mothers Day ideas from my daughter Mandi to help make that day in May a memorable one. Thank you, sweetheart!

Make a scrapbook. Moms love memories of their babies. They treasure them more than anything else in the world. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to give her a scrapbook you made of memories you have of her? Show her what she looks like through YOUR eyes. It’s a unique, personalized present she’ll cherish as much as her memories of you — because they ARE her memories of you!

Jewelry is never a bad option. There are plenty of selections of mom related jewelry in a variety of stones and metals you could buy for her or have crafted just for her on Mother’s Day. There are charms that hold the birthstones of each of her children, or perhaps a hand hammered message on a silver charm for her? The sky’s the limit!

Ever think of cooking Mom’s favorite meal for her? After all, she makes yours for you every time you need to be reminded of her love for you, and even “just because” times! She’ll appreciate time away from the kitchen and the thoughtfulness of your gesture. Open up a conversation about her favorite foods; what are they? Why does she like them? What are her comfort foods and what does she associate with them?

Moms love flowers! Hand picked or store bought, flowers never fail to woo Mom’s heart. For a Mother’s Day activity idea, perhaps purchase some seedlings or seed packets and plant a garden together and watch the blooms — and the love — blossom.

Moms love handmade gifts from their children. One idea is wearable art for Mom – there are jewelers on etsy.com who will send you moulding kids, take your children’s fingerprints and make them into a pendant in various choices of metals. Well, if you are on a budget or want something special to do together, make a fingerprint molded pendant out of Fimo or Sculpey II clay for Mom. The best part is you can choose the colors that are meaningful to Mom!

Art Day! Have the family sit down and draw Mom. What does Mom look like to them? What sorts of memories do the children have of her? What is everyone doing together in their pictures with Mom? Mom should sit down and draw herself, too, and compare it to how her kids see her. It can be a great self-esteem boost, too!

Bake a batch of Mom’s favorite cookies together. She gets the first one out of the oven and everyone else takes care of the clean up.

What are YOU going to do for your Mom on Mother’s Day?

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True Love From A Dating Site? Better Chances If It’s Local :)

A Moment TogetherOnline dating sites have become less and less uncommon through the years. But which one do you go with? There are so many that appeal to so many different groups of people from goth dating sites to Christian online match-making. Which one is right for you?

For starters, don’t subscribe to the first site you see. Be choosy! You’re talking about someone who might be your life mate, don’t you want that to be the best? Don’t be afraid to turn down websites that are all hype and filth.

There are some that are nothing more than hookup sites, nothing but men and women looking for quick sexual encounters with no relationship surrounding it. These are the ones you want to avoid; read closely. Do the profiles talk in depth about what people are looking for in relationships and who they are as people, or are there just pictures and short, one sentence answers to questions that beg deeper replies? Those are good signs that this is a hookup site. These are the ones you’d prefer to avoid – you will not likely find long term love with people looking for short term sex.

Remember, sex and lovemaking ARE two very different things, don’t be pressured by ANYONE into thinking “if you love me or want me to love you, you’ll do it.” NO!

A True Story

One of my daughters met her significant other through an art website that had nothing to do with dating. He was her favorite artist on the site and she contacted him and the rest is history. They were of like mind, each looking for someone special but very discerning about what that was. They took plenty of time to get to know one another before they met in person and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

However, my daughter and her beloved one weren’t foolish about it; they decided to meet in a public setting during daylight hours. They didn’t mean to stay out ’til nearly midnight, but that’s what happens when you’re busy falling in love – you lose track of the time. Try to keep an eye on how much time you spend on your first date.

Don’t go overboard. Have a reasonable time frame of when you’ll meet and how long you’ll spend together.

True Love Might Not Be Oceans Away

Other sites I’d recommend are ones that are area specific. For a good example, check www.texasdatingplanet.com – it’s a dating community for Texans only, that means you won’t have to drive across states or fly overseas to meet your loved one. My daughter and her honey were just fortunate to live in neighboring states, but it can be a challenge if you’re on one coast and your sweetheart on the other; or worse, living in different countries.

Believe me – I’ve been in a long distance relationship that started with an online chat and it was tough on both partners. We lived in two different countries and the costs of maintaining our relationship were prohibitive. We split up for other reasons, too, but distance was one of the involved factors.

Consider locally based singles sites so that you don’t find yourself in an unrealistic relationship where you cannot have the healthy aspect of being able to be with one another in a physical sense and capacity; that doesn’t mean just sex. There’s something very important about being able to touch your partner, kiss her, hold his hand… you can’t replicate that in a coast-to-coast relationship. Keep your expectations realistic if you find yourself unconcerned about distance.

Heartbreak is sure to haunt you if you don’t accept the very real possibility that a purely online relationship won’t work out. I don’t think being physical is the only thing that matters in your love life, but it IS very important. It’s something you need to come to terms with and decide what you’re willing to give up for your beloved who may be thousands of miles away. Just be realistic; that’s the best protection measure you can take for yourself — and your heart.

And realize that relationships, be they long distance or next door, will take work. But remember, love is not a result of effort like exercise is. Yes, you have to do the heavy lifting, invest time in your partner, be kind, caring and compassionate, but remember, just because you do that does not mean it will warrant the expectations you have for the relationship. Love is not like lifting weights; you can work all you want and get nothing out of it, but the other side of that is that a healthy, happy relationship can’t exist without all that hard work — which, when you are with The One, doesn’t even feel like work at all.

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Home Weddings – What Are The Main Things A Bride Needs To Plan?

So, you have decided to get married, and you have chosen to have the wedding itself, or the reception, either at your own home or at your parents’ house. This can be a really beautiful way to celebrate your big day, and can also, in some cases, be a good way to save money (depending how all out you want to go!), but what it can mean is a lot more organization work for you and your ‘team’ of friends, bridesmaids and family than a wedding held at a venue where they regularly take care of these things for couples. If you are wondering where to start, then alongside all the things every wedding needs, like someone to conduct the ceremony, invitations and of course the all important dress, you also need to consider the following.


While one option when you have your wedding reception at your home or the home of a family member is to do the catering yourselves, this may not be the best one. It can be very stressful planning for, buying and cooking and serving everything, and on your big day your family and friends would probably rather not have to work too hard so they can enjoy watching you enjoy it! If you are going to hire in catering, you also need to think about hiring in things like serving platters, glasses and plates. Most people don’t really want paper plates and plastic cups at a wedding, and it is doubtful you have enough crockery and cutlery for your whole guest list, so talk to your caterers about this. You will also want to take care of the drinks – while wine and champagne for toasts can be fairly easy to sort out, you should also consider stocking up a bar with other beverages. If this is outside of your budget, there is no harm in doing the old house party thing and asking everyone to bring a bottle!


You will probably want to in some way decorate the garden or area where the wedding or reception will happen. Whether this is with simple flowers or fancy rose arches, or fun, quirky balloons is up to you, but you can do a lot with the space you have with some creativity. Bridal magazines and websites offer some great ideas on this sort of thing, even for brides on a budget, so have a look around for inspiration if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want from the outset.


Most people want some kind of canopy, marquee or other cover for people to use for the wedding or reception, partly to guarantee things can go ahead even in bad weather, but also because it can be more pleasant as the party goes into the evening to have an ‘indoor’ space that has room for everyone. Wedding tents are another thing you should be thinking about early on in your planning, so look at some options and get some quotes for the kind of size you are looking for.

About the Author

John Morris, the author of this article, works at Over The Top Shelters, dealers in pop up canopies and other outdoor shelters. He plays the piano and is part of a band that plays at the local pub on weekends.

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How Much Online Stalking Is Acceptable For A First Date?

Nowadays, there is almost no end to the amount of interesting stuff you can find out about another person, assuming they are an active internet user.

If you have been using an internet dating site and have found someone you think seems pretty cool, but are trying to be cautious, it may occur to you to look them up a little before you agree to meet.

But how much general Googling and stalking is acceptable before you are either ruining the mystery or coming off as really strange?

Here are some thoughts on stalking those first dates:

Facebook Tells You a Lot

Most people have a Facebook profile. If someone has a profile on a site like OKCupid or Match.com, but isn’t on Facebook, that is kind of unusual. Generally, if you are a savvy internet user with an interest in meeting new people, you will be on Facebook. For this reason, if you really like someone you have been chatting to on your dating site of choice, it is a good idea to ask if you can add them on Facebook. This is not just because this is generally an easier way to communicate, but also because if someone has a Facebook profile with all of their family and friends on, you can tell that they are ‘legit’.

You may be able to lie about your job or lifestyle to one person on Match, but you won’t be able to do it to hundreds of people you know on Facebook. This is why the first thing you need before you agree to meet is to see their Facebook profile. Some people have legitimate reasons why they don’t use Facebook – they hate it, they had problems with it in the past and deleted themselves, or they only add people they know really well and as a result only keep 10 or so friends on there, but the majority of people that are on the site will add you.

Remember of course, that this allows them to look at you and your friends, pictures and history as much as it allows you to look at them, so it isn’t so much a stalk as a level of sharing that can make you both feel more comfortable ahead of meeting.

Deeper Stalking – Is It Wise?

Beyond things like adding someone, with their knowledge, on Facebook, and maybe having a look at their blog or Twitter feed, any other kind of online spying isn’t really advisable before a first date unless you are really paranoid. While it may be possible to look up all kinds of stuff from their address to their DMV driving record online, what purpose does this really serve? You may find out he or she had a speeding offense when they were 19, but what does that really give you to help you this evening when you meet them for drinks?

Instead, keep your level of stalking at a transparent and reciprocal level, and you have a reasonable chance of finding out what you need to know without seeming overly cautious and weird.

About the Author

Samantha Brave, the author of this article, works with, 4SafeDrivers.com, leading providers of driving records. She loves the outdoors and is an ardent baker.

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Alternatives To The Classic Engagement Ring

So, you are looking for an engagement ring, either for yourself (because your partner wants you to choose your own) or for your bride to be, but you don’t think the traditional diamond solitaire or cluster is quite right? These days there are so many amazing rings you can get in all kinds of styles that there is no need to be restricted by traditional looks if they aren’t what you want or what you think represent you as a couple best. An engagement ring is something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life (one hopes), so there is no need to settle for anything that isn’t perfect for you because you think it’s what is expected. Here are some ideas of alternatives to the classic engagement ring:

Unusual Stones

A beautiful, and often cheaper, way to get a really nice and unique engagement ring is to opt for different stones instead of the classic diamond. There are all sorts of ways to approach this. If you have a favorite color that you really love to wear, for example pink or green, you can choose a tourmaline stone in that color, or another precious gem like a ruby or emerald. Other beautiful stones you might consider are semi precious, and therefore a lot cheaper, like amethyst, aventurine, and various types of quartz. You can also look at your birthstone for inspiration, or even consider a custom ring that combines both you and your partner’s birth stones (assuming they work well together visually). You can get rings like this in all kinds of settings, from high end white gold and platinum through to cheaper, but durable sterling silver, so if you don’t want to spend much but want something you really love, a silver set semi precious stone ring can be a wonderful budget engagement ring.

Unusual Materials

The classic diamond engagement ring is usually made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum, as these metals are valuable and lasting. However, they aren’t the only things a good ring can be made from. As discussed, silver is great if you are on a budget, but there are also colored golds such as rose gold, which has a pinkish tone, or even alternative metals like titanium. Titanium can look really cool on a ring and will certainly stand the test of time, and more and more cool styles are becoming available in this tough metal. If you want something really, really alternative however, you can even consider completely unusual materials like copper or wood (though these would be decorated with engraving rather than stones)! There are many custom jewelers and a lot of people who design jewelry as a cottage industry who can help you design and create the perfect ring, no matter what your ideas when it comes to what it should be made of.

If you want a ring that symbolizes your commitment to get married but the usual sparkly diamond just isn’t you, look around for inspiration and check out some custom jewelry websites to see what catches your eye!

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The author of this post, Nolan Grey, is part of the management at Diamonds on Web, a leading provider of diamond rings. He is a voracious reader and has an enviable collection of books.

What’s On Trend In The World Of Accessories In 2013?

Accessorizing an outfit is an art in itself, and many people find it is hard enough to keep up to date with what is on trend with clothing, never mind keeping up with accessories too. But accessories really make an outfit so it’s really important that you get it right. In this article we are going to tell you what type of accessories are hot right now, so that you can spend less time designing your outfits and more time rocking them! Read on for a list of 2013 accessories that you should not be without.

The Boho Look

The boho look is big at the moment when it comes to clothes, and this is reflected in the accessories that go with it. Opt for floral jewelry – anything with a slightly hippy and folky feel is going to work perfectly. Choose pieces that are decorated with feathers, tassles and fringes, and look out for beading too – it’s really popular at the moment. The boho look is all about looking carefree and spirited, so be bold and choose jewelry that is as vibrant and colorful as you are, and don’t be afraid to take chances – you can pull it off!

Bold Is Back

Bold statement jewelry is big news right now, so check out the shops for pieces that are larger than life. The madder the better – but you’ll have to be brave enough to wear it with confidence. Choose bold and outrageous designs that are adorned with plenty of bling and sparkle. Wrist cuffs are a big deal this season – as are massive cocktail rings. Costume jewelry has never been so daring, so make the most of it and choose inexpensive pieces that will last you for the whole season.

Vintage Vibe

Vintage jewelry is really on trend this season, and luckily for you it can be really easy to source – you won’t have to spend much either. Trawl the charity shops and thrift stores to find completely unique vintage pieces that you can bet your life nobody else will be wearing. You will also find interesting pieces on online auction sites such as eBay. Choose pieces with understated glamour and a chintzy edge to them. Look for items made from gold that have plenty of embellishment and beading for a great look. Try and find a piece with round cut diamonds which are chic, timeless and classy.

What About Handbags?

After the big craze for oversized bags in 2012, the handbags of 2013 are generally getting smaller. Tiny messenger bags are big news this season, as are furry ones. The trend seems to be all about contrasting colors and bold statement designs. Choose a bag that is neat, tidy and fuss-free to look really on trend – this season it’s all about minimalism as far as handbags are concerned.

No matter what your style, it’s really important to choose statement accessories to complement the look – this is what will help bring your outfit together. Once you’ve picked your outfit it’s time to head out into the world with confidence and show them what you’ve got!


The author of this post is Jane Austin, an employee at Lior Diamonds, leading suppliers of custom made engagement rings in Chicago. Jane is an avid art lover and loves going to exhibitions.

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4 Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Your Move

If you are moving to a new home, you have a lot to think about, and one of your main concerns is probably going to revolve around how much money you will need to spend just to get all of your belongings from your old residence to your new house.

Moving can definitely be really expensive if you don’t know how to go about it in the most economical way. Therefore, continue reading for some tips that will help you save money on your move so that you can use it on renovating your new home or buying some new décor to freshen up the space.

Sell or Donate Anything You Don’t Really Need

You probably own a lot of clothing and other items that you rarely, if ever, utilize. One of the best ways to save money on a move is to reduce the amount of boxes you will need to bring along with you. Not only will this save you money because you will not need to purchase as many cardboard boxes, but you will also save money if your moving company charges you according to the weight of your cargo. You can choose to donate your items to those in need, or you may even attempt selling your used items in order to make some extra cash that can help you with your moving costs.

Don’t Move at the End of the Month

If you can manage to set your moving date for the middle of the month, you may be able to find a moving company whose business is so slow that they’ll be willing to give you a better rate than you would have gotten if you had booked them during their busier times of the month.

Mail Your Books

If you own a lot of books, you know how heavy they can get, and this can lead to increased costs from your moving company. Investigate how much it would cost if you mailed them to your new address instead. Make sure you tell the post office that you are sending media mail. The rates will be lower than they would be for regular mail, and you may find that you can save money this way.

Get Your Own Trailers

If you can manage to find small cargo trailers for sale, you may wish to purchase one, especially if you feel it will come in handy not only now but also in the future. If you do not wish to purchase one, you can instead rent one that you can attach to your vehicle. Use it to bring your belongings from your old home to your new place without the help of expensive movers. This is especially useful if you’re moving nearby and you don’t have a lot of traveling to do, because you can easily make multiple trips.

Moving can be expensive. But if you know the right ways to save a few bucks here and there, you can reap substantial savings in the end.

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This article is contributed by Mark Wilde, an employee at Yucaipa Trailers, providers of small cargo trailers for sale. He is an ardent reader and shares his views and opinions through blogging.
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Ways to Get Children to Eat Healthy Food

This is a guest post by July Minor, who has already guested for this blog in the past. While I did not agree on a personal level with all of the advice listed in her article, I thought it would make a good read for a while range of parents, as everybody’s got their own rules. So– there’s advice for just anybody. 😉

In the world of fast-food meals and junk-foods we live in, it is not easy to teach our children to choose healthy food instead of the junk-foods. Here are some steps that will help you win the battle with the ads of unhealthy and tempting fast foods.

Step 1: Be an example of what is right and what is not.

Be a good role model of your children. Remember that they are most likely to eat what they see their parents and other family members eat. So, do not expect them to love fruits and vegetables if you are eating chips and chocolate all the time.

Step 2: Put some restrictive rules

Here are some good rules that you can put at home:

– Forbid any snacks and drinks in the last three hours before bedtime;
– Give your children a light snack when they get home from school – for example, a fruit or a cup of yoghurt, and don’t let them eat anything but vegetables at dinner time.

Step 3: Limit the choices

Do not be tempted to buy some foods that are not suitable for a healthy diet. This means: no more waffles, biscuits and sweets for the kids, no more processed foods, white bread, fruit products with sugar added, etc.

Step 4: Offer your children more fruits and vegetables

Put a large bowl of fruits on your kitchen counter and let the members of your family eat as many fruits and vegetables as they like.

Step 5: Serve only one meal

Stop playing the role of a personal chef at home, and start preparing only one meal for all members of your family. This will also be a personal example for your children, which is very useful, especially while they are little.

Step 6: Do not make anyone eat if they don’t want to

Encourage your children to try some new foods, but do not force them do it if they don’t want to. Do not try to “bribe” them or give them a reward. Try to explain them what the benefits of healthy eating are instead.

Step 7: Avoid any confrontation

If you start confronting your children in order to make them eat a certain food, you will end up in a vicious circle that does not help anyone. Do not start commenting on the fact that they have refused eating something, and try using some of the steps we are offering in order to prevent them from eating junk-foods in the rest of the time. And remember that when the atmosphere at the dinner table at home is pleasant for the whole family, your kids will be more willing to eat healthy foods.

Step 8: Don’t get too emotional

If the child refuses to eat the food you have prepared or says “I am not hungry”, don’t be frustrated and don’t get too emotional. Just leave the food you have cooked for later and offer it to them when they get hungry later. And do not use any threats.

Step 9: Try again

Try serving a new dish over and over again several times. The key is to remain calm and not engage yourself emotionally if children refuse eating it. There are some studies that have proved that children reject new foods instinctively, but the more you serve a certain dish to them, the more likely it is to make them start eating it.

Step 10: Establish a meal routine

Start your dinner at the same time and in the same location every day. This will help you develop a certain habit in your children and it is more likely to make them sit at the table ready to eat what you have to offer to them.

Step 11: Ask your children to participate in the shopping

Encourage your children to help you choose some products in order to make them participate in the shopping process. This will also help you control them and prevent buying any junk-foods or sweets.

Step 12: Cook with them

Cooking with your children is a lot of fun. Moreover, they are always ready to eat what they have prepared themselves.

Step 13: Talk to your children about healthy nutrition

We often think that children do not listen when we talk to them. However, this is not always true. Talk to them about the benefits of healthy eating and explain why you prefer some foods instead of others.

Step 14: Teach your children eat moderately

There is nothing wrong with making some French fries or hamburgers from time to time, nor in serving some ice-cream for dessert in the middle of the week. However, make sure you remind your children that although these foods are very tasty, it is not healthy to eat them every day.

Author Bio

July Minor’ big love is home improvement, children and hygiene. She works a part time job http://www.callcleaners.co.uk/ and that is why she loves to give eco advices and tips for children.

What Do You Do With The Kids At A Wedding?

In between the dress viewings, floral arrangements, and admiring your engagement ring for the umpteenth timeit’s easy to forget about the kids. As someone who’s engaged to be married you’re well within your rights to ignore everyone else and concentrate on the happiest day of your life. Deciding what to do with the kids can be a tricky scenario. After all, nobody dreamed about a balling baby during the vows.

Here are some ideas for what you can do with them.

Children Under 1

It’s strongly recommended you don’t bring a child to a wedding that’s under the age of one. They don’t have control of their emotions and someone is going to have to take care of them for the whole day. They won’t remember anything about the occasion and their antics can prove a liability.

If you must bring such a young child, don’t bring them to the ceremony itself. It’s designed to be a silent environment and if they throw a tantrum it can completely ruin the moment. Bring them to the reception afterwards briefly. You don’t have to dress them up if you don’t want to.

Make sure you can get someone who’s willing to spend the whole day with them.

Children from Ages 2 to 5

These ages are tricky because you’re torn between risking them at the ceremony and leaving them at home. Like children under the age of one, it’s not an occasion they’ll recall in any great detail. We would say judge each child individually. Are they normally calm or are they still full of energy and prone to outbursts?

You can dress up children at this age. A simple white dress for the girls and something darker for the boys will suffice. Brightly colored waistcoats are simply adorable!

Children Under 10

At these ages, you can start considering the children for positions of pageboys and bridesmaids. They’re mature enough to know when to be quiet and they can take an active part in the ceremony. Get them to throw the rice or bring the rings to the front. It’s something they’ll happily participate in.

They’re fully able to dress nicely and they don’t need permanent supervision. We would advise you to not keep them at the reception for the full day. The chances are they’ll get tired or bored after a few hours. Ask someone you trust to take them home after a short time.

Children Under 18

Allow these children to feel a part of proceedings. Teenagers like to feel as if they’re involved with the wedding. Young girls might want to help plan the wedding, if possible. Whilst boys at this age are rarely enthused about the prospect of a wedding, they can still enjoy dressing in something sharp.

Supervision is the key for all young people. Most will be able to observe the ceremony and retain a brief memory of it as they go into adulthood and experience the prospect of their own weddings. Make sure you have a proper plan in place, though. You don’t want to have to take care of the kids on your wedding day!

Today’s guest post is submitted by Cathy Alba. She is a freelance writer and an image consultant. She shares fashion and beauty related tips through her articles. She says she enjoys visiting various fashion and wedding websites to check out the latest fashion trends.

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen This! Worst Case Scenarios For Brides And Grooms (And Why They Aren’t So Bad)

A wedding should be a highly memorable occasion and one that everyone looks forward too, but it’s important that it be memorable for the right reasons. And when everyone is looking forward to such a big occasion so much it can be rather nerve wracking. That’s a lot of pressure… what happens if something goes wrong?

If you’re shy of performing in front of groups, or if you’re someone who doesn’t like planning big events, then there’s a lot to be excited about here but also a lot to be afraid of. Here we will look at some of the worst things that could happen at any wedding, but then we’ll look at why they aren’t as bad as they seem. Hopefully by the end of it, you’ll feel a lot calmer…

You Fall Over

Falling over is something that many of us fear at any event where we’re going to be seen by lots of other people. Graduations, presentations, speeches… all offer a chance to fall flat on our faces. The first thing you should know though is that generally we don’t fall over because, well why would we? You don’t normally and there’s no reason you should now. More to the point though, even if you do fall over, you’ll find that people laugh it off and you carry on in good spirits. You might even get some hits on YouTube…

The Speeches Go Wrong

What if the best man fluffs his speech and says something terrible? I went to a wedding once where the best man said the name of the ex-wife in his toast to the bride and groom. A pretty terrible moment, but again it hardly ruined the evening and most people forgot about it as soon as people started dancing.

You Get Lost on the Way

Being stuck in traffic or lost on the roads is a nightmare scenario for many brides which is why it’s important to use a reliable limousine service. But even if you do still get lost (which is out of your hands) all you’ll do is keep the groom waiting. And trust me, if he’s the right guy, he’ll wait.

There Are Arguments

Weddings mean mixing lots of very different people in a room with alcohol and that can sometimes seem like a recipe for disaster. What if there’s an argument? Ultimately again that’s not your concern: they’re there to be supportive for you and if they can’t do that then it hardly matters. No one is going to judge you on their behaviour.

You’re Jilted

Of course this is the big fear that every bride and groom has – they might get left standing at the alter. Well terrible though that is, the important thing to remember is that if that happens, you’ll know they weren’t the right person anyway. And no one will judge you – you’ll just get a ton of sympathy. More importantly though, you should know by now that your partner loves you and this is a very rare occurrence.

So that’s the worst that can happen… but the best bit is, chances are none of it will happen. Go on and have an amazing day!

About the Author:
Today’s post has been contributed by Evan Stuart who is a part of Toronto Best Choice Limo, a company that provides limousine services for weddings and other events. He likes surfing and spends his spare time on the beaches.